I keep trying to make a blog and I keep failing. I’ve realized it’s because I don’t write about myself. That may sound like an incredibly selfish thing to say, and maybe it is. What I mean is that I feel like I’m hiding behind a screen. I’m editing what I write about with the idea of having a specifically themed blog with a “purpose.” This causes me to get bored because I feel like every post has to be significant and profound, and I’m afraid that if I write about certain things it may come back to haunt me. Why should I monitor myself? We live in a day and age where our entire lives are on display for everyone to see. Privacy doesn’t exist anymore.

My life has been one where things just happen. Then happen again. And again. I’ve been told that things that occur to me are things you only witness in movies. I know, everyone says that, but in my case this is a fairly legitimate statement. It used to frustrate me. It still does. However, I’ve come to realize that these occurrences have helped me grow. These experiences allow me to support others. It allows me to prove to others that they aren’t alone in the world. So I’m revamping. I’m revamping myself. I’m revamping the blog.

I still stand by my blog’s name of “unscrew it.” But, it’s no longer an indication of wanting to care about the world and try to be about peace, love, and the unachievable. It’s about being real. It’s about using my faults, using my mistakes, using my passions, using my successes… to inspire. Or at least allow people to feel like they aren’t alone. Because that’s the worst feeling in the world. Feeling like you are no longer welcomed in a world you used to stand tall in.

This blog is for all the people out there that think they don’t have any say in their lives. I’ve got you. And you’ve got me. It won’t always be about bad things that happen, but good things too.. and just random things that may be going on. It’s going to be writing about whatever the hell I want to. So, here goes nothing… stay tuned, folks.

Also… if you’re wondering why the whale? 1) Cause it’s awesome. 2) It has special meaning to me. So yeah.. there’s a whale. A $14,000 whale.


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